Biology – 11, Chapter 01: Introduction | Solved Exercise

This is the exercise solution for Chapter 1, Biology 11. The chapter is about an introduction to the knowledge of biology and its basic concepts, such as its definition and branches of biology, bio-elements, biological organization up to population and community levels, the living world in time and space, phyletic lineage, biological method, biology and the service of mankind, conservation of the environment, etc. the exercise questions deal with these concepts.

The first two questions, that is, Q.1 & 2 are about fill in the blanks and True/False statements. They have been solved though no relevance to the board paper schemes. Clear your concepts with the help of these questions.

Question 3 is that of MCQs, containing four of them. They have been solved. They may come in the board papers, however often they are neglected.

Question 4 comprises four short questions. They are answered properly. They are important and may come in the board papers.

Question 5 have five sub-parts, mostly asking long answered. Some of them which have brief answers, have been solved here. The remaining are referred to the relevant topics in the chapter.

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