Solved Exercise, Chem-11, Ch-07

THERMOCHEMISTRY Q.01: Choose the correct answer: (i) If an endothermic reaction is allowed to take place very rapidly in the air, the temperature of the surrounding air:                     (a) Remains constant (b) Increases (c) Decreases (d) Remains unchanged ANSWER: (c)Decreases EXPLANATION: The endothermic reactions proceed by absorbing heat into the system from the surrounding. So, … Read more

Biology – 11 | Solved ExercisesCh-0

Here in this section, solved textbook exercises of Biology-11 are given. At present, Punjab Textbook Boards books are taken and solved. The solutions include all type of questions such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), fill in the blanks and short questions. Long questions have not been solved here. They can be consulted from the textbooks. … Read more

Solved Exercise, Chem-11, Ch-01

BASIC CONCEPTS Here is the complete solution to textbook exercise of chapter-01, Chemistry-11: Q.1: Select the most suitable answer from the given ones in each question. (i) Isotopes differ in: (a) properties which depend upon mass (b) arrangement of electrons in orbitals (c) chemical properties (d) the extent to which they may be affected in … Read more