An Insight Into Objective Chemistry-12

1st EDITION (2018 – 2021)

2nd EDITION (2022 – 2023)

3rd EDITION (2023 – 2024)

The book has been prepared keeping in view the needs and requirements of the students as well as the teachers. The book has 16 chapters, in accordance with the Punjab Textbook Boards curriculum. Each chapter contains three portions:

  • Short Questions
  • Long Questions
  • MCQs

The first portion of the each chapter contains short questions and their answers. Each chapter contains about 50 to 100 questions, the total reaching about 1000 short questions. The qusetions are in topic-wise arrangement and are carefully selected. These are taken from the textbook article as well as from the exercise of the chapter. Most of the questions have been mentioned with board names and the years when they were taken in the papers. The most important questions has been given question number with dark backgrounds. This is for those students who seek selective study schemes.

This section contains all the extensive questions which have been taken in the board exam papers. The names of respective boards and the years of reccurence have been mentioned in front of every question. The answers of extensive questions have not been included in this section. They may either be prepared from the textbook or our subjective-objective combined book which is in the process of preparation and will be printed the present academic session, Insha Allah!

This portion contains about 2000 MCQs. The MCQs have been divided into three categories:

  • Textbook Exercise
  • Previous Boards Essentials
  • Textbook Conceptuals

The First set “Textbook Exercise” contains MCQs from textbook exercise. These are the most important, evident from the number of board names and years in from of each question. About 60 – 70% MCQs in board papers are selected from this section.

The second set “Previous Boards Essentials” contains MCQs selected from previous board papers, 2017 – onwards. Board names and years have been given with each question. About 20 – 30% questions are taken from this section.

The third set “Textbook Conceptuals” is the pride of our MCQs portion. This contains on the average from 80 to 150 MCQs per chapter, total making about 1500. All the MCQs are in topic-wise arrangement. This includes general informative questions to highly conceptual ones. The questions are totally virgin and genuine, not copy pasted from other books. This portion helps in improving the concepts of the students, and provides solid and reliable base for entry test preparations.

  • Size: The Book is in large size, with dimensions 10.8″ ✕ 8.5″.
  • Pages: 272
  • Paper: 68 grams white paper of good quality.
  • Title: Imported white bleach card with lamination and uv.
  • Binding: Double press machine binding.
  • Price: 720 Rs.

You can get the book through several routes:

you can place direct online order to the publication to get one or more books through courier service at your door step. For online ordering or getting more detail, contact or message at any of the given whatsapp numebrs:

  • 0303-6315225
  • 0305-6275237
  • 0300-2103809

You can manually get the book from any of the given book stores in your nearby city. To get the list of book stores click on the following link: Exceptional publications at Book stores

You can get access to the whole content of our books with extra interpretitions on our soft books section. To go to the soft book edition, click the following link: “An Insight Into Objective Chemistry-11, Soft Book”.

“An Insight Into Objective Chemistry-12/ Sample chapters”

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