Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-20

Chapter-20: Chromosome and DNA

The topics concerning the tests given below are: Introduction of transition metals, properties and general characteristics of transition metals, complex compounds, nomenclature of complex compounds, manufacture of iron and steel, corrosion, chemistry of chromates, dichromates and potassium permanganate.

Board paper worth of this chapter is 9 marks; 1 MCQs (1 marks) + 2 SQs (4 marks) + 1 LQ (4 marks).

Download links of half & full chapter tests for chapter-06:

Half Chapter Tests:

  • Ch-20 (1st Half) A-1
  • Ch-20 (1st Half) A-2
  • Ch-20 (1st Half) A-3
  • Ch-20 (2nd Half) A-1
  • Ch-20 (2nd Half) A-2
  • Ch-20 (2nd Half) A-3

Complete Chapter Tests:

  • Ch-20 (Complete) A-1
  • Ch-20 (Complete) A-2
  • Ch-20 (Complete) A-3
  • Ch-20 (Complete) B-1
  • Ch-20 (Complete) B-2
  • Ch-20 (Complete) B-3

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