Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Half Books

These are 85 marks full length tests. They follow the paper scheme of 2022 annual examination. Here are download links for the Tests: First half-Book (Ch=1+2+3+4+5+6+15+16) Second Half-Book (Ch=7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14) NOTE: Give your honest opinion about the papers you have used. Please inform so that we may improve this academic work. Thanks!

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Combined Chapters

Two Chapter Combination Tests This series comprises two chapter combined tests. This includes five different combinations which are in accordance with the paper scheme of 2022 annual examination. These five combinations with their respective tests are: Combination: 1+3 Combination: 2+6 Combination: 7+10 Combination: 8+12 Combination: 9+11 NOTE: Give your honest opinion about the papers you … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-27

Chapter-27: Man and Environment The important topics of this chapter concerning the tests are: Introduction & nomenclature of carboxylic acids, preparation of carboxylic acids & their physical properties, chemical reactions of carboxylic acids such as esterification, amide formation, partial and complete reduction, chemistry of acetic acid, amino acids, their classification, nomenclature, preparations & reactions, ninhydrin … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-26

Chapter-26: Some Major Ecosystem The tests correspond to the following topics of chapter-12: Introduction and nomenclature of aldehydes and ketones, preparation of aldehydes & ketones, nucleophilic addition reactions of carbonyl compounds such as addition of hydrogen cyanide, addition of sodium bisulphite, aldol condensation, Cannizzaro’s reaction & haloform reactions with iodoform test, acid catalyzed addition reactions … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-25

Chapter-25: Ecosystem Following topics of the chapter are relevant to the tests below: Introduction, classification and nomenclature of alcohols, phenols & ethers, industrial preparation of methanol, preparation of ethanol by fermentation, reactions of alcohol, identification tests for primary, secondary & tertiary alcohols by Lucas & iodoform tests, preparation of phenol, acidic behavior of phenol, reactions … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-24

Chapter-24: Evolution Following topics are important with respect to the tests of chapter-10: Introduction, classification & nomenclature of alkyl halides, preparation of alkyl halides, reactivity of alkyl halides, substitution and elimination reactions of alkyl halides, and preparation & reactions of Grignard’s reagent. Questions of 9 marks are taken from this chapter in board papers; 1 … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-23

Chapter-23: Biotechnology Following topics of chapter-23 are relevant to the tests below: Introduction & classification of aromatic compounds, nomenclature of organic compounds, discovery and structure of benzene, atomic orbital treatment of benzene, stability of benzene, resonance & resonance structures of benzene, preparation & properties of benzene, reactions of benzene like Friedel-Craft’s reactions, oxidation reactions, and … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-22

Chapter-22: Variation and Genetics The topics of chapter-8 relevant to the tests are: Introduction and classification of hydrocarbons, nomenclature of hydrocarbons, preparations, properties and applications of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. The chapter has an exam value of 9 marks; 1 MCQ (1 Marks) + 2 SQs (4 Marks) + 1 LQ (4 Marks). The tests … Read more

Assessment Tests, Bio-12, Ch-21

Chapter-21: Cell Cycle The main topics relevant to the tests below are: Introduction of organic compounds, main features of organic compounds, sources of organic compounds like coal, natural gas & petroleum, cracking of petroleum, reforming of petroleum, classification of organic compounds, functional groups, hybridization & the structures of methane, ethane, ethene & ethyne, isomerism etc. … Read more