An Insight Into Objective Biology-11

The book comprises 14 chapters, in accordance with the Punjab Textbook Boards curriculum. Each chapter contains three portions:

  • Short Questions
  • Long Questions
  • MCQs

There are approximately more than 1000 short questions in total with answers in the whole book. The questions are given in topic-wise arrangement, taken both from the theory article and the textbook exercise. Board names and years have been mentioned with each question with reference to their reccurence in the board exams.

This section contains extensive questions with board papers references. The questions are given in topic-wise order. The questions are unsolved, teh answers may be sought from the textbook or for our coming subjective book.

This is the most vast and extensive portion of our book, containing about more than 3000 MCQs. The MCQs have been divided into three categories:

  • Textbook Exercise
  • Previous Boards Essentials
  • Textbook Conceptuals

“Textbook Exercise MCQs” are atken from textbook exercise. With examination point of view, these are least important because none of them are usually taken in the board exams.

The second set “Previous Boards Essentials” contains MCQs selected from previous board papers, 2017 and onwards. Board names and years have been given with each question. This is the most important section with respect to board exams because most of these MCQs are repeated in board papers.

“Textbook Conceptuals” contains MCQs extracted directly from the textbook articles. These are specially prepared to clear the concepts of the students. They are in the topic-wise arrangement. Total number of MCQs in this categories mount to about 2000. These are the most important and valueable with respect to entry test preparation.

The book will likely have the following physical features:

  • Size: Large size, with dimensions 10.8″ ✕ 8.5″.
  • Pages: More than 350
  • Paper: 68 grams white paper of good quality.
  • Title: Imported white bleach card with lamination and uv.
  • Binding: Double press machine binding.
  • Price: Possibly 800 Rs.

The book will soon be available on following platforms:

You can get any of our publications by placing online order at one of the given whatsapp numebrs:

  • 0303-6315225
  • 0305-6275237
  • 0300-2103809

You can manually get the book from any of the given book stores in your nearby city. To get the list of book stores click on the following link:

“Exceptional publications at Book stores”

You can get access to the whole content of our books with extra interpretitions on our soft books section. To go to the soft book edition, click the following link: “An Insight Into Objective Biology-11, Soft Book”.

“An Insight Into Objective Biology-11/ Sample chapters”

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