Solved Exercise, Chem-11, Ch-07

THERMOCHEMISTRY Q.01: Choose the correct answer: (i) If an endothermic reaction is allowed to take place very rapidly in the air, the temperature of the surrounding air:                     (a) Remains constant (b) Increases (c) Decreases (d) Remains unchanged ANSWER: (c)Decreases EXPLANATION: The endothermic reactions proceed by absorbing heat into the system from the surrounding. So, … Read more

Solved Exercise, Chem-11, Ch-04

LIQUIDS & SOLIDS Q.1. Choose the best answers from the given choices.   (i) London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the:                   (a) Molecules of water in liquid state. (b) Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature. (c) Molecules of solid iodine. (d) Molecules of hydrogen chloride gas. Ans: (c) Molecules … Read more

Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Full Book

These are full book tests arranged following the paper scheme of annual exams 2022. More papers will be added according to the new scheme for 2023 exams. What is your honest opinion about the quality of these papers, after you have used them. Please aware us so that we may improve our work. Thanks!

Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Combined Chapters

Two Chapter Combination Tests These are two chapter combined tests. There are five different combinations which are in accordance with the paper scheme of 2022 annual examination. These five combinations and their respective tests are: Combination= 1+5 Combination= 3+10 Combination= 4+8 Combination= 6+7 Combination= 9+11 What is your honest opinion about the quality of these … Read more

Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Ch-11

Reaction Kinetics Important topics relating the tests are: Rate of reaction, order of reaction, half life period, energy of activation, factors affecting rate of reaction, Arrhenius equation, catalysis and enzyme catalysis. Questions of 9 marks are selected from this chapter in board papers, i.e., 1 MCQ (1 Marks) + 2 SQs (4 Marks) + 1 … Read more

Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Ch-10

Electrochemistry Following topics are important with respect to the tests: Oxidation-reduction & oxidation number, electrochemical cell, electrolytic cell, Galvanic cell, electrochemical series, lead accumulator & fuel cells. Questions of 11 marks are taken from this chapter in board papers; 1 MCQ (1 Mark) + 3 SQs (6 Marks) + 1 LQ-Theory (4 Marks). The download … Read more

Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Ch-09

Solutions The main topics of chapter-9 relevant to tests are: Concentration units of solutions, types of solutions, ideal & non-ideal solutions, Raoult’s law, zeotropic & azeotropic mixtures, solubility & solubility curves, colligative properties of solutions, energetics of solutions, hydration and hydration energy. The board paper worth of this chapter is for 11 marks; 1 MCQ … Read more