Assessment Tests, Bio-11, Ch-07

The Kingdom Protista (or Protoctista)

The main topics relevant to the tests below are: Introduction, histological prospective, diversity among Protista, major groups of Protista including, protozoa, amoebae, zooflagellates, ciliates, foraminifers and actinopodes, apicomplexans, algae, euglenoids, dinoflagellates, diatoms, brown algae, red algae, green algae, importance of algae, fungus like protists, slime mold, water mold oomycote.

This chapter has an exam value of 9 marks; 1 MCQ (1 Marks) + 2 SQs (4 Marks) + 1 LQ (4 Marks).

The tests can be downloaded from the links given below:

Half Chapter Tests:

Complete Chapter Tests:

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