Assessment Tests, Chem-11, Ch-04

Liquids & Solids

The important topics of chapter-4, concerning the tests below are: Intermolecular forces (dipole-dipole forces, dipole-induced dipole forces, London dispersion forces, hydrogen bonding, evaporation & vapour pressure, boiling point, liquid crystals, amorphous solids, crystalline solids & their properties (such as anisotropy, symmetry, habit of crystal, isomorphism, polymorphism, allotropy, transition temperature etc.), ionic solids, covalent solids, molecular solids, metallic solids & structure of metals.

This chapter has an examination value of 14 marks; 2 MCQs (2 marks) + 4 SQs (8 marks) + 1 LQ-Theory (4 marks).

The download links of half & full chapter tests for chapter-04 are:

Half Chapter Tests:

Complete Chapter Tests:

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