Assessment Tests, Bio-11, Ch-10

Kingdom Animalia

Following topics are important with respect to the tests of chapter-10: introduction, grade radiate, grade bilaterian, diploblastic and triploblastic organization, parazoa, phylum coelenterate, phylum platyhelminths, aschelminthes, phylum Annelida, phylum Arthropoda, phylum Mollusca, phylum Echinodermata, phylum hemichordate, phylum chordate, class reptiles, class amphibia, class aves, class Mammalia.

Questions of 9 marks are taken from this chapter in board papers; 1 MCQ (1 Mark) + 2 SQs (4 Marks) + 1 LQ (4 Marks).

The download links for the tests are:

Half Chapter Tests:

Complete Chapter Tests:

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