Assessment Tests, Bio-11, Ch-11


Following topics of the chapter are relevant to the tests below: introduction, photosynthesis, chloroplasts, photosynthetic pigments, light as driving energy, role of carbon dioxide, reactions of photosynthesis, light dependent reaction, non cyclic phosphorylation, cyclic phosphorylation, dark reaction, respiration, aerobic & anaerobic respiration, cellular respiration including glycolysis, pyruvic acid oxidation , Krebs cycle, respiratory chain, oxidative phosphorylation.

Questions of 9 marks are selected from this chapter in board papers, i.e., 1 MCQ (1 Marks) + 2 SQs (4 Marks) + 1 LQ (4 Marks).

Download links for half & full chapter tests of this chapter are:

Half Chapter Tests:

Complete Chapter Tests:

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