Assessment Tests, Bio-11, Ch-14


Following topics correspond to the tests of this chapter: Introduction, transport in plants, uptake of water by roots, water potential, plasmolysis and pressure potential, ascent of sap, cohesion tension theory, root pressure, imbibition, types of transpiration, opening and closing of stomata, translocation of organic solutes, pressure flow theory, transpiration in animals, circulatory system, evolution of vertebrate heart, transport in man, the circulatory fluid-Blood, blood cells and cell like bodies, blood disorders, human heart, cardiac cycle, electrocardiogram, blue babies, blood vessels, lymphatic system, immunity and its types.

This chapter has a board paper worth of 7 marks; 1 MCQ (1 Marks) + 3 SQs (6 Marks)

Download links for half & full chapter tests of this chapter are:

Half Chapter Tests:

Complete Chapter Tests:

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