Past Papers, Biology-10th

Dear Students and Respected Teachers! These are Biology-10th up-to-date papers of all Punjab & AJK boards. These are six years previous board papers (2018-2023) of annual exams under all the nine educational boards of Punjab and AJK board. More papers relavant to coming exams will also be added regularly as soon as the papers are conducted. Here are the PDFs of all these past papers in yearly arrangement:

BIO-10: Past Papers-2023

BIO-10: Past Papers-2022

BIO-10: Past Papers-2021

BIO-10: Past Papers-2020

BIO-10: Past Papers-2019

BIO-10: Past Papers-2018

NOTE: These are PDF images of the real papers. Download and use these papers now, and ask us in comment section if you have any question or suggestion relating these papers. Thanks!

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