Past Papers, Chemistry-12

Dear Students and Respected Teachers! These are previous board papers for Chemistry-12. These include past papers from 2018 to 2023 annual exams. Board papers for 2020 are not present among these because that year exams could not be conducted on account of Covid-19 epidemic. The papers pertain to all Punjab boards & AJK board. Fresh papers for future exams will be uploaded as soon as they are they are available.

CHEM-12: Past Papers-2023

CHEM-12: Past Papers-2022

CHEM-12: Past Papers-2021

CHEM-12: Past Papers-2019

CHEM-12: Past Papers-2018

NOTE: These are real image PDFs, the quality is therefore not good. However, editable re-typed content of these papers will be provided soon in ‘Question Bank’ section of the web. If you have some other idea or suggestion, mention in the comments. We will try meet the suggestion. Thanks!


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