Past Papers, Computer Science-12

Dear Students and Respected Teachers! These are Computer Science-12 previous five year papers (2018-2023) for all Punjab & AJK educational boards. Annual 2020 exams could not be held on account of Covid-19, so papers for that year are not included among these. Addition of papers for future exams will continue. Some papers are missing. Their links will be given when they will be available.

COMPUTER SCIENCE-12: Past Papers-2023

COMPUTER SCIENCE-12: Past Papers-2022

COMPUTER SCIENCE-12: Past Papers-2021

COMPUTER SCIENCE-12: Past Papers-2019

COMPUTER SCIENCE-12: Past Papers-2018

NOTE: These are real images of the board papers, so their quality is not up to mark. Sooner, these will be retyped, and will be made available in editable format. Give your opinion or any suggestion regarding this work, so that we may improve our work. Thanks!

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